Quality Assurance

Queen’s House operates a Quality Assurance system on several levels that audits, monitors and measures our quality of service. The various processes used to measure our quality of service are as follows:

Scottish Care Inspectorate

We have been consistently awarded a grading of 6 – the highest mark – for services by the Scottish Care Inspectorate, with our most current Inspection Report available to view here on the Useful Information section of this Website.

Other Auditors

Queen’s House is audited by a number of other groups, including Environmental Health and The Fire Service to ensure the Care Home is safe for our residents.

Queen’s House carries out regular equipment, service (e.g. Gas, Electricity, Water, Fire Prevention, Moving and Handling) checks and tests, as well as a number of risk assessments such as fire & water, documenting the results and taking any appropriate actions.

Regular staff training in specific subjects, such as fire safety and moving/handling, supplements this.

Our Own Quality Assurance system

In addition to these processes, here at Queen’s House we use our own Quality Assurance systems to measure key services, processes and policies, ensuring we are aware of any areas that require improving, including changes to procedures and policies and covers the following high level standards:

  • Pre-Admission standards
  • Moving in Standards
  • Daily Living Standards
  • Moving On Standards
  • Management and Staffing Standards
  • Environment Standards
  • Hygiene Standards
  • Information Standards


Here at Queen’s House, we actively encourage input on all aspects of the Care Home operation from residents, relatives and staff.


The original Queen’s House was opened in 1954 as a residential home for 32 people under the auspices of the British Red Cross Society (Scottish Branch) and run by a voluntary committee.

Continuous Improvement

We are always keen to improve on our standards and are continually look at ways to enhance the lives of our residents and our services.